Water Damage Culver City

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Water Damage

  • Water Damage Repair Culver City - Water Extraction Culver City

    Flood, mold and water damage are some of the most common property insurance claims we handle for clients in Florida. You need Guardian Claims to help deliver the fair settlement you deserve as a policyholder.

  • The scope of clean up in water damage restoration procedures may be much more than what is visible. Water pipes that burst or begin to leak in your house may not get noticed for a long period of time.

  • Our public adjusters are here to help you with your flood and water damage claims. The first step to getting your claim adjusted is to let us review your policy and evaluate the damage to your home or business. If you have been denied or are not sure if you received a fair settlement, we will provide you a consultation at no charge to you. Many times, with a flood or water damage claim, we find huge inconsistencies in what the policyholder is offered and what they deserve.

  • Fixing Water Damage

    Obviously water damage restoration must be performed by trained technicians who understand proper procedures and chemical applications. Trained personnel will provide the necessary adjustments to the environment by altering temperature and humidity levels to deter production of mold, mildew and bacteria.

  • Water damaged building interiors provide a "prime" environment for the growth and reproduction of mildew and bacteria. Both are parasitic, ie., they rely on dead or decaying organic matter for food. One of the favorite foods for bacteria and mildew is the decaying organic jute backing of carpets. This, coupled with warm humid air, creates the ideal environment for reproduction. Mold and mildew may cause allergic reactions such as depression, arthritis, puffy eyes, chronic cough, rheumatism, asthma or headache.